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Personal trainer who had the ‘worst acne ever seen’ shares her striking before and after pictures

Personal trainer, 25, told by doctors she had the ‘worst acne they’ve ever seen’ shares her striking before and after pictures following six months on medication and skincare products Emily Keel had suffered with severe acne since the age of 12 She felt doctors could be insensitive about her condition After trying everything, she was… Read More »

Sweat Trainer, Chontel Duncan Shares Her 17 Minute Upper Body Workout

Want strong, toned arms and sculpted shoulders? This workout by Sweat Trainer Chontel Duncan is designed to do just that! Targeting all the major muscle groups of the upper body, each circuit will go for 8 minutes, with a 1-minute break in between circuits, for a total workout time of 17 minutes. The goal is to complete… Read More »

Am I Fit Enough to Be a Trainer?

If we work in the health and fitness industry, that means we’ve got it all together, right? We look good, feel good, move well, and love our bodies too? Ummm… Nope. Whether we’re coaches, trainers, or other specialists, most of us have our own struggles and challenges when it comes to body image. Here’s the… Read More »