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Watch This Space: 3 Phenomena That Will Drive Health Care Innovation in 2019

By REBECCA FOGG  Back at their desks after the holidays, health care payers, providers and policymakers across the country are staring down their list of 2019 priorities, wondering which they can actually accomplish. Innovation to improve care quality and reduce costs will top many lists, and progress on this front depends, in no small part,… Read More »

Become the next great romance writer by entering this contest

Most aspiring writers don’t go into the business to get rich; those six-figure advances are the small exception to the norm, and writing grants can be few and far between. But Harlequin, a 70-year-old company and the world’s largest publisher of romantic fiction, has recently launched a new initiative designed to encourage women to create… Read More »

How I am keeping active this winter

It’s not easy to stay active in winter but I always try hard to do what’s right for my health. I get bored with doing the same workouts so I always like to try something new. This winter is no different. I always look for different ways of staying active although I do stick with… Read More »