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Not ‘a build it and they will come kind of thing’: Telehealth descends on AHIP19

NASHVILLE — Doctor on Demand and Teladoc were among the telehealth players descending on the insurance industry’s annual meeting this week to tout services aimed at helping payers bend the cost curve. Telehealth is a multibillion-dollar business, with many companies partnering with payers and employers to nudge workers to potentially save time and money for… Read More »

Scientists believe they have solved the mystery of Peru’s Nazca Lines

The mystery of Peru’s Nazca Lines may have been solved by experts who think the drawings actually depict exotic birds to please the gods during ‘rain dances’. The huge carvings in the Andean desert were carved by an ancient Peruvian civilization 2,000 years ago and have baffled scientists for decades as they try to work… Read More »