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Boobie Secrets 101: 9 Funny and Crazy Things Girls Do With Their Boobs Secretly You Wished You Knew

Boobs (Representational purposes only Photo Credits: Unsplash) Women have so much fun when they are alone. They can be both extraordinarily talkative and charmingly mysterious as well. Being a woman is quite a blessing, even though we have our set of hurdles BUT I mean if we chuck the 7 days of menstrual periods and… Read More »

Like racecars and geese, cancer cells draft their way to new tumor sites

by Heidi Hall Finding gives boost to fighting through cell metabolism NASCAR has nothing on cancer cells when it comes to exploiting the power of drafting, letting someone else do the hard work of moving forward while you coast behind. Building on the relatively new discovery that metastatic cancer cells leave tumors and travel in clusters,… Read More »

Harvard study finds cells recall their early development

When cells grow up, they remember their childhoods. A new study has found that adult cells keep a record of which genes were activated during their early development. Even more surprisingly, the memory is retrievable: Under certain lab conditions, cells can play the story of their development in reverse, switching on genes that were active… Read More »