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How Australia’s health-care system works, and how it compares with the United States’

The runup to the 2020 Democratic primaries is in full swing as the candidates argue over the best way to approach policy. One of the biggest policy divides: the role of private health insurance. Many countries provide government funded universal health care while offering secondary private insurance. One country that’s frequently overlooked: Australia. Watch the… Read More »

More than 120 cases of lung disease in 15 states could be linked to vaping

States with the most cases include Wisconsin, with 15 confirmed cases and 15 more under investigation. Illinois has 10 confirmed cases, while 12 more are under investigation. California is looking into 19 such cases. The New York State Department of Health said Friday it was “actively investigating” 11 cases. Indiana and New Jersey both reported… Read More »

14 young people in two states hospitalized after vaping, health officials say

In Wisconsin, severe lung disease has sent 11 people to the hospital, according to the state’s Department of Health Services. That’s three more than the eight cases the state reported in late July. And in Illinois, three young people have been hospitalized for severe breathing problems after vaping, the state Department of Public Health announced… Read More »