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Viewers get scenery, not science, as CNN explores global ‘secrets’ to living longer

In CNN’s reality-based series, “Chasing Life,” correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta travels to far-flung reaches of the planet to explore health care practices rooted in cultural traditions. The show — which is available on the streaming platform CNNgo — was produced by the same division that created Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, and it was clearly designed… Read More »

Boobie Secrets 101: 9 Funny and Crazy Things Girls Do With Their Boobs Secretly You Wished You Knew

Boobs (Representational purposes only Photo Credits: Unsplash) Women have so much fun when they are alone. They can be both extraordinarily talkative and charmingly mysterious as well. Being a woman is quite a blessing, even though we have our set of hurdles BUT I mean if we chuck the 7 days of menstrual periods and… Read More »