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Viewpoints: Stop Talking About Expanding Medicare. Fix Its Financial Flaws Instead; Why Do We Need Anymore Lessons On The Societal Risks Of Genome Editing?

Editorial writers weigh in on these health topics and others. The Wall Street Journal: Modest Cuts Could Save Medicare From Disaster Instead of debating how to expand Medicare coverage, politicians should focus on fixing the fatal financial flaws in the existing program that threaten to bankrupt the nation. Medicare spent 3.6% of gross domestic product… Read More »

Telehealth in primary care risks fragmentation of patient info

A new study suggests that the use of telemedicine in primary care could potentially lead to further fragmentation of care. It’s possible that the use of the technology could lead to disconnected care, counteracting the benefits of improved patient access to care, contends Winston Liaw, MD, chairman of the Department of Health Systems and Population… Read More »