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Hispanics Owe Trump Nothing

Stephanie Román, Senior Policy Analyst, Policy and Advocacy UnidosUS In the last two weeks, President Donald Trump, his spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany, and a number of conservative pundits have been bragging about Hispanics having the lowest unemployment rate in decades. Yes, Hispanic unemployment is at its lowest level since it started being reported by the Bureau of Labor… Read More »

Global Health: ‘From Nothing to Gangbusters’: A Treatment for Sickle-Cell Disease Proves Effective in Africa

A drug that protects children in wealthy countries against painful and sometimes lethal bouts of sickle-cell disease has been proven safe for use in Africa, where the condition is far more common, scientists reported on Saturday. More research remains to be done, experts said, but knowing that hydroxyurea — a cheap, effective and easy-to-take pill… Read More »