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Different Takes: Time To Admit There’s A Big Limit To What Can Be Done About Mass Shootings; Mental Illness Gets The Blame Once Again

Editorial pages weigh in on a range of public health topics stemming from gun violence. The Wall Street Journal: Guns And The Do-Something Fallacy “Do something!” someone shouted at Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine. The shout came during a candlelight vigil in downtown Dayton, where a disturbed young man just hours before had shot to death… Read More »

Treatment could HALVE the size of a fluid-filled mass on two-year-old girl’s face

Family desperately hope treatment could HALVE the size of their two-year-old daughter’s facial mass before she grows up and realises she’s ‘different’ Olivia Chicchon was born with a lymphatic malformation, a mass of fluid Her parents were offered an abortion in case it affected Olivia’s quality of life Ivan and Teresa Chicchon hope Olivia can… Read More »